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The fifth international symposium on History of English Lexicography and Lexicology

The fifth international symposium on History of English Lexicography and Lexicology (HEL-LEX5), 16–18 February 2017


Call for papers

Submission is now closed

As with earlier conferences in this series we seek to bring together the expertise of scholars and professional dictionary makers. This time, to mark the 200th anniversary of Pierre Larousse and to celebrate other intellectuals who, like Samuel Johnson, Noah Webster, the Brothers Grimm, Niccolò Tommaseo, or Émile Littré, combined lexicography, philology, editing, publishing, writing poetry, essays or novels, and literary criticism in their prolific careers, we invite interested scholars to submit papers that explore the intersections of these fields of knowledge and labour.

Papers on the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • Lexicology and etymology
  • Lexicography and dictionary making
  • Historical lexical studies
  • Encyclopaedic dictionaries
  • Comparative studies of English and other national lexicographic traditions
  • Poets and writers as encyclopaedists
  • Poets and writers as generators of new lexis
  • Lexicographers as poets and writers


The abstracts, to be submitted by 1 September 2016, should be about 300 words in length (excluding references).


Notification of acceptance will be issued by 31 October 2016.

Abstracts should be submitted through the EasyAbs page. The submission is open:


Confirmed Plenary Speakers


Christopher Ricks

Boston University


Roderick McConchie

independent scholar


John Considine

University of Alberta


Amanda Laugesen

Australian National University, Australian National Dictionary Centre


Marc Alexander

University of Glasgow, Historical Thesaurus of English


Academic sponsors

English department, University of Zurich

Helsinki Society for Historical Lexicography

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